Company Facts

About A.J. McDirtt

A.J. Mc Dirtt, Inc. is an earthmoving company ownership and key personnel bring over 50 years of experience to this company. Our goal at A.J. McDirtt, Inc. is to maintain a high quality crew to provide for a safe and efficient project. Our committing to each project helps you to know you’ll have 100% effort put into every job we do.

A.J. McDirtt, Inc. has been in the heavy earth moving business for over twenty years, specializing in overburden removal at mines and quarries. Our primary customers were the silica sand mines. Now due to the decline in the oil and gas business, we find ourselves needing to broaden our horizons. Besides continuing to work with the silica mines, we feel that the quarry business is picking up and hope to continue to be a part of that. With that being said, with the slow down in the silica, we will be able to take a more aggressive position with the quarry business.

Along with that we are going to add landfills to our scope of work. We feel that's a natural direction to go with the type of work we are already doing. We have done a landfill closure and bid on several cell construction projects and feel comfortable moving in that direction.

Please give us the opportunity to bid on your next project.

John Lawrence

Company President